Beta Nucleation for PP (Cheaper, Lighter & Recyclable)

PP is becoming a polymer of choice in high performance applications (pressure pipe, geogrids, thermoformed packaging, oriented films…). But, with many countries looking to ban plastics due to environmental pressures & public awareness of problems (ocean pollution and climate change), it is crucial to respond with sustainable solutions.

Beta nucleated PP resins are uniquely positioned to deliver this benefit (reduce weight, increase recyclability, & improve quality of recycled grades, while lowering costs). Seize the opportunity to be the first-in-market to get the most benefit from beta nucleation technology.

1. Better select nucleants/clarifiers (phosphate esters, sorbitols, metal salts of fatty acids) for your application by understanding their effect on PP crystallization rate and further on key properties

2. Troubleshoot faster shrinkage, unwanted odor, warpage… by knowing their root causes & best solving strategies (alpha, beta nucleation)

3. Reduce plastic waste, improve strength of PP products and save costs by down-weighting plastic products with the help of beta nucleation.

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