Covestro to Develop Innovative PUR Resins for Use in Wind Turbine Rotor Blades

Covestro is developing innovative PUR resins for use in wind turbine rotor blades at its new Wind Technology Center. A win-win-win situation for Covestro, customers and the environment.

On The Road to Alternative Energy Generation

One goal of the Wind Technology Center is to develop robust materials that combine the properties important for rotor blades, such as strength, stiffness and temperature resistance. Existing products are continuously optimized, and completely new formulations are developed and tested.

Another goal: application technology development in close cooperation with customers. «Here we can simulate our customers’ manufacturing processes and show how our PUR resins help them to realize both their rotor blade designs and the manufacturing process in the best possible way,» says Klaus Franken, head of application development Wind and Pultrusion at Covestro.

Covestro attaches great importance to optimally tailoring its products to the needs of its customers. That is why a number of cooperative ventures with European and Asian wind turbine manufacturers are already in place. The focus here is on constructing and testing prototypes.

«The development of these resins is very important to us. After all, it contributes to the expansion of alternative energies and strengthens our strategic orientation to sustainably reduce the CO2 footprint and take even more steps towards climate neutrality,» explains Franken.

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