Kraton’s Compatibilizers Get APR Critical Guidance Recognition for HDPE Bottles

Assessing Recyclability in Plastics Packaging Design

The APR Critical Guidance Protocol serves as one of the most universally accepted measures for assessing recyclability in plastics packaging design worldwide. The esteemed recognition is presented to companies whose technologies solve well-established challenges in sustainable package design. In addition, the innovation must meet the strict requirements of the Critical Guidance Protocol under the APR Design® Recognition Program.

«We are honored to achieve Critical Guidance Recognition from APR for our CirKular+ Performance Enhancement Series. This renowned recognition is an example of Kraton’s unwavering dedication to developing innovative solutions for the circular economy and plastics upcycling. It recognizes CirKular+’s value in enhancing plastic product design recyclability and optimizing the plastic product lifecycle, all while helping our customers achieve their sustainability commitments and reduce their carbon footprint,» said Holger Jung, SVP & Polymer Segment President, Kraton.

Compatibility of Products with HDPE Recycling

When used in HDPE bottles, the CirKular+ C2000 and C3000 Performance Enhancement Series have shown to be recyclable by meeting or exceeding the Critical Guidance Protocol for HDPE Bottles — the most challenging test conditions and strictest guidance criteria for recycled innovations. The recognition assures customers of the compatibility of C2000 and C3000 with the current HDPE plastics recycling stream.

«APR thanks Kraton for its cooperation in using this important protocol,» said Steve Alexander, President and CEO, APR, in the recognition letter. «The protocol is intended to improve the quality of recycled HDPE bottles and other items. [Kraton’s CirKular+ Performance Enhancement] additives offer HDPE bottle designers and reclaimers enhanced toughness properties and allow for potentially a higher percentage of recycled HDPE use

The CirKular+ Performance Enhancement Series can increase post-consumer recycled content and improve the recyclate impact strength by up to 500%. By enabling a holistic approach to the plastic product life cycle, CirKular+ solutions can enhance plastics upcycling and circularity across the entire plastics value chain. Additionally, CirKular+ can offer improved plastic packaging recyclability and durability suitable for a wide range of end-use applications.

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