Spectrasense™ – Functional Pigments for NIR Light Management in Automotive, Medical & Electronic Applications

Smart colorants provide even more than color. While traditional colorants interact with visible wavelength to modify visual appearance, smart colorants impact how an application functions – whether enabling recyclability or LiDAR detection. NIR pigments are already used in various industries like automotive and building & construction among others.

NIR-reflective or NIR-transparent pigments can help to:

  • Reduce heat build-up by lowering absorption of solar radiation
  • Achieve higher thermal comfort
  • Extend lifetime of an application
  • Lower thermal stress for electronics, and
  • Energy savings

Attend this insightful webinar by Sun Chemical where Dr. Christof Kujat will explain the different technologies and functionalities of NIR-transparent and NIR-absorbing Spectrasense™ pigments and also share their achievable benefits in various applications:

  • Spectrasense™ Black pigments with high NIR-transparency required for heat management applications and laser welding of black substrates like polyamides or PBT. Also, useful in detecting a plastic part for LiDAR sensors or for sorting purposes to support circular economy.
  • Spectrasense™ IR pigments – highly efficient NIR absorbers used for laser welding in medical applications or as a color filter to improve the quality of sensors or lenses.

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